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What is Social Media Marketing & How WTR helps you to achieve targets

Way To Rainbow starts social media marketing by writing excellent and impactful content on social media profiles, engaging and understanding followers, analyzing results, and running social media advertisements.

What is Social Media Marketing & How WTR helps you to achieve targets-

Social Media empowers you to reach your target audience on various platforms for different purposes such as - career building platforms like Linkedin, general socializing like Facebook, Instagram or absolute content-driven like Twitter. Social media marketing is the use of these social media platforms to connect with the relevant audience to

Way To Rainbow starts social media marketing by writing excellent and impactful content on social media profiles, engaging and understanding followers, analyzing results, and running social media advertisements.
Way To Rainbow Company creates compelling content, enhances your brand presence, manages communications incorporating all social media channels, thus ensuring desired results. We have established an array of services in the social media marketing space that can be customized according to your needs. Whether you want to just build a brand and carry out brand management activities, or drive customers and grow your business from the grass-roots level, Way To Rainbow can help you to achieve it. We at WTR, devise suitable plans using highly proven methodologies and suggest the best-suited social media platforms.
While the organic social media strategies, with their slower yet personal reach, have a trusted approach, the paid ads have an impactful and commercial approach.

How can social media help you to achieve your organization’s goals? An organization needs to establish its marketing purpose so that the path forward in achieving the same can be planned accordingly. If an organization intends to create or increase its brand awareness many others use social media to bring in web traffic and sales. Social media can help to create customer engagements about your brand and also act as a customer support channel by creating a community.

It entirely narrows down to the kind of customers you are looking at – younger generations who are active on Tik Tok or Snapchat, or a little wiser crowd who prefer just the talk of the town on Twitter, or a wider array of consumers who are active both on Facebook and Instagram. It would be easy to discuss it if we chose a platform.

WTR Choose content that gains the attention of your audience in the best way. Do you choose videos, images, or links? Are you planning to promote entertaining content or informative content? All of these elements put together in your marketing strategy enables social media marketing to work your way!

Way To Rainbow at Jaipur has special Social Media services in the case of financial or commercial establishments, that provides a digital presence and represent the connection in the lives of individuals. While a website just provides an online presence, social media bridges an establishment with its potential customers. Social Media Marketing is a perfect tool that is used to improve your marketing needs. It can efficiently engage and drive potential leads to your business.

Ever wondered, why companies invest in social media despite having a fully functional and responsive website? Well, a website only claims an online presence and fails to connect with the people. Also, there is enough and more content but what is driving your customers to your website? The answer to all these questions is Social Media marketing. At WTR we take pride in hosting websites and providing top-class social media services. With content, polls, survey, offers, and current information, for every business an online presence backed with social media can do wonders in brand management. Be it in a product or service, a strong digital presence can engage online customers and create visibility in their eyes.

In the entire Jaipur Way To, Rainbow is the only Company that provides target-oriented marketing or Goal-oriented marketing that focuses on the right audience to drive marketing activities. If a product or service is focussed or made for customers of a particular age group then social media marketing enables us to choose the specific crowd and this strategy leads to higher conversion rates.

We work on a wide range of Social Media channels daily. This provides us with the right expertise to recommend suitable platforms for businesses and craft bespoke social media solutions for day-to-day challenges:

 Facebook Ads by Way To Rainbow:

Facebook ads designed by Way To Rainbow Jaipur help you achieve one of three broad types of campaign objectives:

  • Create Awareness: Building brand awareness or increasing the reach of the brand among an audience.
  • Grab attention: invite traffic to your website, increase engagement, encourage app downloads or views, generate leads, and promote people to communicate with you on Facebook Messenger.
  • Call to Action/Conversion: Create online conversions, make the online catalog available and drive foot traffic to offline stores.

WTR Advice: Facebook is very popular in a wider audience and across demographics hence offering detailed targeting options. This makes it a great platform to get started with social media advertising for any product or service.

Instagram ads by Way To Rainbow Jaipur.

Facebook owns yet another high-influence social media platform i.e., Instagram. So it’s not unexpected that Instagram ads support the same three broad categories of campaign objectives as Facebook ads:

  • Create Awareness
  • Grab the attention
  • Creating Conversiono 

WTR Advice: Instagram is very popular with young age people, Plenty of Generation next users binge on this platform.

Ad Tips for Social Media Marketing:

Ads across social media are in the form of auctions- yes there are ads for just INR.1 to more than a lakh. You get to set a maximum bid amount for a target result/click or you can also set a maximum budget per day. To maximize your results you need to set Ad goals before beginning the Ad campaign. It all depends on your campaign goal you will have to choose the below:

  • Cost per click or (CPC)
  • Cost per 1000 impression(CPM)
  • Cost per conversion
  • Cost per video view

Decide what you want!

Having your goals set makes it easier to choose the right social media platform and make the wise investment of your Ad budget.

We can give you insights into your social media options and in turn the best value for your Advertising money! With our expertise and dedicated team of Digital Marketing professionals, your social media issues are indeed sorted.

Call WTR experts now for a free site audit and social media plans!!

Why WAY TO RAINBOW JAIPUR as your Social Media company?

WAY TO RAINBOW, as your social media agency in India offers you a number of services related to digital marketing. Remember- social media marketing is just a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. We take into account everything- from web designs to content creation– and ensure that your brand gets seen by your potential customers and engages positively with them.
We conduct social media campaigns across many platforms. Our methods are safe and ethical. You can see the results for yourself. We will help you design a social media strategy best suited to your needs, and help you execute it on a day-to-day basis.
WTR offers SMO services in India that can help you reach the customer to educate them about your brand. We make them aware of your presence and engage with them in such a way that they are encouraged to try out your services themselves. With time, you will have a loyal customer base.
Meet your social goals with the help of WTR –

1. Increasing website traffic-
Create goals, and compelling content for users to Click-through and past your Social Media and visit your site.

2. Building conversions- Run Intelligent Ads with great Call-To-Actions. We create smart loops of advertisement to map metrics right from reach, delivery and conversions.

3. Raising brand awareness- WTR Jaipur took it as the top priority for marketers in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer fields, leverage Social Media to run Dynamic Content testing, understand what is working best and crack the secret formula for your brands success.

4. Improving communication and interaction with key audiences- We as a Marketing agency make a bridge for social Media so that it plays a role of informal, friendly approachable face of your brand. Be ready to interact with customers looking out for you. Good social listening helps the brand establish a trust with customers.
5.Creating a brand identity and positive brand association- Consistent publishing of relevant content on the right time with branding creates recall and sorts reliability of the brand online. WTR’s well-equipped strategists and visual designers, do that just right.

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