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Pay Per Click Service & How WTR helps you to achieve targets

Pay Per Click Service(PPC)

Do you want to generate leads & get more business?
PPC (Paid ads) is the way we can advertise targeted search ads on Google & display ads across billions of websites that have ads space on their website. This gets you huge amounts of high-quality traffic and leads in less duration of time.

What is Pay Per Click and how it is beneficial for Businesses?

Firstly under the banner of Way to Rainbow Jaipur, we need to understand that PPC (Pay per Click) is the process of getting website traffic by Paid Advertising. PPC is the most effective and result-oriented marketing & very focused part of digital marketing. WTR provides the best paid advertising services in Jaipur. Way To Rainbow specializes in using platforms like Google Ad words, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for advertising which covers over 80% of websites in the world. We design an integrated campaign across various channels to get the best results. Contact us for the best PPC services in Jaipur.
And one more thing to mention PPC (Pay per Click), also known as CPC (Cost per Click) is an online advertising model where the advertiser pays a publisher for every click. PPC is the most widely used advertising model for all paid ads. PPC ads are broadly classified into Search Engine Advertising and Display Ads to your targeted audience. Way To Rainbow makes sure that we utilize our clients every single penny on PPC Ads.
Display Ads
Way To Rainbow use advertising Platforms like Google Ad words, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for advertising to run display campaigns using ad banners that are shown to relevant audiences across the internet, along with being shown natively on these platforms. Display ads help a company to reach a wide audience based on their interests even if they are not actively searching for the services or products on search engines.
This means you just have to create an account, create campaigns and Ads by analyzing your business, put some spending budget amount in your pay-per-click Account and get live to your visitors. It is all about your strategies, how you make your campaigns run successfully. There are many factors you need to know before you start a pay per click advertising Campaign like:

  • What is your business about?
  • What is the customer looking for?
  • Who are all your competitors?
  • How to reach your audience?

How does Pay Per Click Marketing help you to grow your business instantly in the Market?

Pay per Click is WTR’s one of the premium marketing services provided by Google AdWords and Bing where you have to only pay for clicks. If you are thinking to start up your new business and want to analyze and research on market, you can simply create a Landing Page where the user lands and create advertising PPC Ad campaigns from an agency, and see the user behavior and response for a few days.
How Manybenefitss WTR offer you with the help of PPC services best part of PPC is ones you have your website ready, all the research part is done, a competitor analysis has been made, after that, you need not wait for the maximum time Google takes is 48 hours for ads approvals. So it is something which provides you instant business leads. Undoubtedly, Way To Rainbow Jaipur ranks number 1 in Best PPC Companies of Jaipur as we do what we commit.

Why is WTR Named as Best PPC Company in JAIPUR?

Way To Rainbo is a complete Digital Marketing & Web developmentcompanyythath gives you 360degreeandt and services. Our team is best at pay-per click Ads creation but our services will impress you more. Asth  best Google AdWords Company inJaipurure achh team member takes full responsibility to provideth best PPC services.

What makes Way To Rainbow unique among Thousands of Online Marketing Companies in Jaipur:

  • Way To Rainbow always Working on projects assuming like it’s our own business.
  • Putting 100% effort into our skills.
  • 24×7 Clients support.
  • Google AdWords Certified Professionals.
  • In-depth knowledge of all kinds of businesses.
  • So many years of experience in running PPC services for several businesses in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  • The team of Start-Up youngsters.

Even if you are a new start-up, we assure you the best PPC management services with the best ROI. WTR also has worked for several new Start-Ups and knows every phase where you can increase the chances of branding.



Quick Result Strategy


Generating Immense Traffic For The Website


 Useful In Earning More, But Pay Less


 Gets The High-Level Online Visibility


Always Cost-Effective


Open Opportunities For Other Channels


  • Because WTR knows It is Suitable for all types of businesses – large or small, across all industry domains.
  • Instant reach helps to grow the customer base proficiently.
  • Faster implementation of marketing campaigns – execute efficiencies for enhanced reach.
  • It makes your brand more valuable and quantifiable, leading to increased profits and business growth.
  • Create improved leads at lesser costs, ideating your business concept effectively and efficiently.

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