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What is Google Ads & How WTR helps you to achieve targets

Let’s Talk about various Google Ads Services that WTR Offer in Jaipur

#1 WTR provide “Expanded Text Ads” called (ETAs)

Way To Rainbow Experts says “Standard text ads used to be very basic, with a strict character limit and not much room to get creative with copywriting or include top keywords for higher rankings”

#2 Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

WTR Offer various dynamics in the form of Google Ads. Dynamic search ads offer an automated ad type in that they populate search ads automatically with content from your website. Hope you understand.

#3 Image Based Ads

WTR Team run image ads on the Google Display Network, which means they can show on websites that partner with Google to provide ad space; Google will choose to show them on websites your target audience visits often. Let’s have an example.

#4 App Promotion Ads

In Jaipur there are only few agencies are providing these type of ads services. App promotion ads do exactly what they sound like: promote app downloads. These ads are mostly run on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, but WTR Ad Team experts can also run these ads on platforms with the Google Search and Display Networks, including Google Play, YouTube and Google Discover.

#5 Video Ads

We worked with more than 50+ Video creator & experience that Several different video ad formats allow you to deliver a more engaging experience to users, reaching customers on Google Partner sites and platforms including YouTube. A Youtube data says that in a single day, more than 500 million hours of video content are watched on YouTube alone, and one-third of all online activity is video consumption.

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